New Procedures and Policies

Due to some recent difficulties we have been in the process of reviewing our policies and procedures at Priscilla’s Services.It is with regret that we inform you of these changes.

Unfortunately some shoes and wigs that we hired out recently were not returned to us. Despite numerous calls to the person in question and promises to deliver them to us, meet us in person so that we could collect them etc we have still not had them returned to us. We have decided that we will simply write these items off and accept the loss. Additionally, some shoes were returned to us so badly damaged that we had to dispose of them. We have thus lost these items forever and other clients will be unable to use them. Given how little we charge for rental it is hard to justify replacing these items.

We have also had a few instances recently where people have booked a makeover or transformation package with us and then simply not arrived. This is a major problem for us. Not only do we lose the revenue from the missed appointment, but as we close off the venue and our time for the duration of the appointment we also forego the chance of earning other revenue at this time. We have even had to turn people away this week due to us being booked only to find that the original client did not arrive.

In an effort to limit the loss of our clothes and wigs and preserve our revenue we will therefore be implementing the following new policies and procedures for all new Priscilla’s Services clients:
Service Fee Deposit
All people wishing to make use of our services who were not clients in good standing before 1 August 2018 (if you are not sure if you qualify please feel free to ask) will have to pay a deposit of 50% of the service fee in order to secure their booking. We will not confirm your booking until such time as we have received the deposit. The deposit will be offset against the final fee charged when the service is rendered. You are welcome to pay by EFT, credit card (using the Paypal ‘buy now’ button to the right of the page), debit card, cash (in person or by cash deposit in a bank) or by Paypal.
Should your appointment be canceled by us (an unlikely event) we will be happy to refund the deposit in full.
Should you cancel your appointment with less than 5 days notice we will not refund the deposit.
Increased Deposit on Rental Items
Deposits on rental items have been increased to more fully represent the replacement cost. All deposits and rental fees will be charged in full upon collection. If the goods are returned on time and in good order the deposit will be refunded in full. If they are returned late the additional rental fee will be offset against the deposit. If the goods are damaged any repairs will be offset against the deposit and any remaining balance will be refunded to you, but only after the repairs have been completed.

We trust that you understand the reasons for these changes and accept that the changes have not been taken lightly. We value your support and want to ensure that we can continue to provide you with the very best service in town. We can only do that if we manage our business effectively and to do that we need your support.

Please feel free to contact us should you have any queries in this regard.

As always we are looking forward to seeing you at Priscilla’s Services. We are here to help and want to make sure you have the best experience ever.

A Priscilla’s Makeover for Lola

Lola is one of our members who has taken advantage of one of ourĀ membership packages.
She recently came to Priscilla’s and made use of our venue for a day of dressing fun. She also availed herself of Irene’s exceptional makeup skills.
Lola has graciously agreed to allow us to share some of her fabulous pictures with you all.

There were a number of wardrobe changes and a mixture of photographs taken by Irene and a few self portraits…

I think we all agree that Lola looks beautiful!

The ‘blue period’:

Princess in khaki:


Remember, you too could feel this beautiful. All you need to do is contact us to make a booking. We provide the clothes, the makeup, the wigs, the shoes and the venue where you can transform into your true self.
Feel free to use the ‘services’ and ‘pricing’ drop down menus above for more details.

Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Hair today, gone tomorrow

We often get asked, ‘what can I do about my hair?’ Now obviously hair can be a tricky issue for the male to female transgender person. The best looking option is to grow your hair and have marvelous, natural hair that you can toss around and feel fabulous with. However, whilst there are some skilled stylists out there who can produce hair styles that can work in both en homme and en femme modes, these are often hard to find and even more importantly it is not always practical for all of us to follow this route. These hairstyles don’t always ‘work’ aesthetically for all people, many of us work in positions where such hairstyles would be considered unprofessional or just too unusual for our employers, many of us lack the patience to grow our hair and others simply are not able to get a decent head of hair: male pattern baldness is, sadly, real.

Therefore wigs are the go to option for most of us who want to achieve a more convincing look . The transgender person can skimp on costs in many areas: cheap nail polish is fine, cheap clothes are often perfect for us, we don’t need the best shoes and we can skimp on breast forms; but you should never skimp on your hair! A good quality wig makes all the difference. The best makeup can be ruined by a sub-standard wig and no matter how femme you look, no matter how fabulous your wardrobe is, if your hair is a mess you look awful. And of course for those of us venturing into the vanilla world, a bad wig is a dead giveaway, from a distance. So the best investment you can make is a good quality wig.

For most of us a good quality synthetic wig is preferable to a human hair wig. Synthetic hair doesn’t need to be styled, it can look almost as ‘natural’ as a human hair version (if you choose carefully), it is long lasting and relatively easy to care for. Having said that even the best wigs that have been well looked after, will eventually start to look a bit shabby. At this point many of us can be heard wailing ‘my hair, my hair what am I to do with my hair’.

At this point you will need to find a good hairdressing salon. It would be a good idea to make sure that your hairdresser is qualified to work on wigs. In many respects you need to be more careful with wigs than you do with a head of hair. For starters you can’t use heat to style a synthetic wig, heat destroys the fibres, secondly mistakes are costly. Unlike the hair on your head, the wig’s fibres will never grow back, mistakes do not fix themselves and once cut they remain cut. Forever. Also working with synthetic fibres can be trickier than working with hair. They behave differently and the hairdresser really needs to know what they are doing.

A good hairdresser can revive an old and tired wig, giving it a different style and revitalising it for you. They can deal with the inevitable ‘scraggly’ bits and ensure that you once again look your best. They can thus save you a lot of money. One good session at the salon and a wig that you may have been ready to throw out can be returned to regular use. We are very fortunate to know Dominic from Fiore Hair Design.


Fiore is an excellent salon in Northcliff, Johannesburg. They are very LGBT friendly (they have a rainbow flag sticker on the door of the salon), and they cater to all members of the community. Their clients range from 3 year old children to 93 year old pensioners and everyone is welcome. Dominic is an excellent hairdresser and is one of the few who are qualified to work on wigs. We have spoken to him and he would be more than happy to help people who need to have their wigs worked on. When you phone ahead or e-mail him to make your booking, you can make any arrangements with him that you would like. We heartily recommend making use of his services to deal with any wig related issues. Of course we would be happy to facilitate any interactions as well.

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