Happy Women’s Day

Hi Everyone

We wish ALL women (trans, cis, non-binary, whatever) a very happy Women’s Day.

Be all that you can be.

Be true to yourself.

Love yourself.

Help other women when and where you can. Challenge the patriarchy. Together we are stronger.

Have a fantastic Women’s Day.


The Priscilla’s Team


Priscilla Queen of the Desert Outing

Hi Everyone

Time is running short, so here is a final update regarding all final arrangements for our Priscilla Queen of the Desert outing.

Date: Wednesday 24 May 2017
Where: Teatro at Monte Casino
Curtain up: 8 pm

We have decided that we should all meet at:


Beira Alta Cocktail Lounge (mostly because it is super close to the Teatro) for pre-show drinks (and to collect your tickets) at 6-45 for 7. Those of you coming to the studio to get your makeup done will obviously meet us at the studio!

If you have any queries please contact us so that we can assist.

Looking forward to seeing you all, it is going to be absolutely fabulous!

Crossdressing and the Quest for Privacy

Many crossdressers have a lot to lose. Many of us have a marriage, children, careers and a standing in the community that we want to protect. We are very concerned (given society’s general lack of knowledge and understanding about crossdressing and transgender issues) that if we are discovered, we stand to lose some or all of these things. Often we fear losing our families and careers most and are concerned that if our spouses or bosses discover that we are crossdressers we will almost certainly lose these things that we value the most.

For this reason we keep things as private as possible. Sometimes this means we end up keeping secrets from those that we love the most. Sometimes we may end up lying to those people. This can be a very difficult experience and one that adds pressure, strain and stress to our already hard lives.

I am of the opinion that it is better to be honest with people. However I also appreciate that when it comes to something like crossdressing it is very hard to predict how people will react, especially when it relates to a spouse or other close family member (I have heard of otherwise very open and liberal people freaking out when discovering this about their spouse and I have also heard of very conservative and otherwise ‘straight’ people being very accepting). Additionally it is true that once you have ‘rung the bell’ you absolutely cannot ‘un-ring’ it. Once you tell someone you have reached the point of no return. Either they will accept you or they will not. If they do not, they will almost certainly look at you in a different light… This can place intolerable strain on us and our relationships.

For this reason discretion is an absolute necessity. You need to have a very good idea of how your revelation will be received and you need to be comfortable with the consequences of that revelation, whatever they may be. If you are not prepared to accept the worst case scenario, it is probably better to keep quiet. This in turn leads to a serious problem. How do you live your life as you want and need to live it, without causing distress. Additionally how do you live a life of integrity and how do you avoid deception?

If you cannot afford to get caught crossdressing, do not get caught. Make sure you only dress in a safe and secure environment. Always make sure that you pack away all evidence and crucially make sure that all traces are removed. If a spouse finds lingerie, traces of makeup and stray hairs she will certainly think you are having an affair before she thinks you are crossdressing. This will just make life worse.

You therefore need to make sure that all your clothes are stored in a safe and secure place. I would suggest off site storage is best. I know a number of people store their clothes in their offices. This is an idea but remember your office is not yours, it belongs to your employer, so there can be very little expectation of privacy. An employer is entitled to enter a cupboard looking for documents, files etc and in so doing they may discover your stash. It is not unreasonable for them to ask questions. This could result in difficulties at work. Given that a salary is your greatest asset as it enables you to meet all your other goals (financial and otherwise) you really do not want to lose your job. I would therefore advise against storing clothes at work. A better off site solution is a self storage unit of some sorts. However these are often expensive as you end up paying for far more space than you need.

You will then need a place to dress. More often than not the opening and closing times of self storage units may not suit you, especially if you are dressing at night and you then need to find somewhere to store your clothes for a few hours before and after you dress. This complicates your life. You will also need a place to dress and undress and wash. Even if you can dress in your storage unit, finding somewhere to wash will be difficult. Entering and exiting the unit may also be difficult as the staff may not be as tolerant as we would like. You may be able to use your home but you will then be constrained by the movements of the rest of your family and you run the risk of being discovered due to someone returning unexpectedly or you may leave something incriminating out. A better solution is to find a hotel or similar establishment where you can dress, wash etc. But obviously this will add costs and can be tricky as you will need to pay by credit card, register your name etc. And again if your spouse does discover a receipt or credit card bill with a local hotel listed her assumption is not going to be the truth. She will believe you are cheating on her.

I have also heard of people dressing in their cars, driving around late at night, taking risks and not being safe. Not only are you risking your life and safety but you are also risking exposure by doing this. Sadly violent crime, hijacking and other concerns are a very real part of life in South Africa and transgender people are statistically at a greater risk of being victims of these crimes. Not only are you risking harm, you are also risking discovery. I would caution against this approach. It is just not worth becoming a statistic and having your wife find you in the emergency room wearing your stilettos and leather mini skirt!

This is why we have established Priscilla’s Services. We believe our establishment offers you the ability to live your life as you need to, without risking all those things you hold dear. Our core service offering includes storage for your clothes and a safe and well appointed place to dress and wash. All at very reasonable prices. For those of you who cannot risk telling those that you love, please be safe, please keep your privacy and trust us to be discreet. Our facilities have been developed with you in mind. We are here to help.

E-Mail is Down

Hi Everyone

Just a quick note, for some reason our priscillasservices.co.za e-mail addresses are not working. We are resolving the problem with our service provider, in the meantime, please use the contact us page which I have reset to an alternative e-mail address.

If you have tried contacting us through the contact us page over the last four days I am afraid we will have missed your message, please resend through the page today.

Apologies for the confusion. Technology fail!

January Newsletter

Hi Everyone

Happy new Year! We hope that your holidays were restful and not too eventful (ours were eventful enough with snakebites and monkey attacks), we also trust that 2016 ended well and that 2017 is being kind to you all.
If it is, then a celebration is in order. You should treat yourself to an experience at Priscilla’s Services?
If things are not going as well as you would like, then you should have a little holiday from your problems. Book yourself a Priscilla’s Experience! You will find yourself recharged, exhilarated and ready to deal with life’s little tribulations.

The big news is that we started renovating the venue in December. Work stopped for the Christmas break but has now resumed and the venue is well on its way to being ready and we hope to be ready for you by some time in February.

The venue consists of a dressing room, which can also double as a lounge area, an en suite bathroom (shower, toilet basin) and a small kitchenette where you can make a pot of coffee, enjoy a light meal etc. The venue is therefore perfect for all your needs. You can dress and go out, dress and stay in or even do a bit of both if you like.
We have moved some of the doors and windows around so you will have privacy.
The venue also has WiFi and cell phone coverage.Irene is busy selecting the fittings and we are already considering the decorations. So things are moving along swiftly.

Due to the Christmas exodus from Gauteng, we did not organise any socials in December. January is already nearly half way through, so I doubt we will be able to get anything ready for January, but I am sure we could get something happening in February. Please let us know what you would be interested in doing? Maybe a visit to a restaurant for a meal? A trip to the movies? A Saturday night party  at Trouble? Taking in some local music at Amuse or maybe an evening of wine and song at one of Trouble’s karaoke nights? Or maybe something entirely different? Please let us know.

At the end of last year we thought it would be a good idea to have a ball. No, literally a ball as in ball gowns, canapes, dancing… You know a ball! Other countries have some pretty amazing, big annual ‘events’ for the transgender community. In the UK there is the Sparkle weekend and the Sparkle ball. The USA has many different events, conventions, balls and other social occasions for the transgender community. The Detroit Invasion which is organised by my Good friend Samantha is one such event. In South Africa we lack these big national level events. Our socials tend to be small scale, local affairs. It would be fabulous to meet people from all over South Africa, form relationships with people beyond our little world and also start increasing the profile of our sometimes fractured community. What do you all think? Would a big ball be something you would be interested in?
We are aiming for September/October. We could arrange for a block hotel booking, arrange transport etc for out-of-towners (and any locals who want to make use of that as well). The venue we choose will depend on the up take, but I think this could be quite an exciting event, glamorous gowns, fabulous decor, delicious eats, gorgeous cocktails. I am getting excited. It would be especially cool if we could make it an annual event! Please let us know what you think.

We have not had any feedback regarding the idea of a mass outing to see Priscilla Queen of the Desert when it comes to Johannesburg in April. Is this perhaps just too public an event for everyone? Please let us know.

As previously noted, storage/rental fees have increased from R250 per month to R350 per month. and we are now offering membership packages in addition to the ad hoc services we offer. These packages offer considerable value. We are pleased to offer an ‘early bird’ special. If you sign up and pay in advance for a package before 31 January 2017 you will get your first month’s membership free. Please see below a selection of membership packages on offer:
Package: Meryl Streep
1 x photography session every second month and
25% off entry to all Priscilla’s events that are charged at less than R150 and
5% off all other Priscilla’s services offered and
1 x shopping service every second month or
1 x makeover every second month
Value: R787.50
Monthly Fee: R335.00
You Save: R452.50

Package: Sharon Stone
1 x locker per month for storage and
1 x photography session every second month and
25% off entry to all Priscilla’s events that are charged at less than R150 and
5% off all other Priscilla’s services offered and
1 x shopping service every second month or
1 x makeover every second month
Value: R1 137.50
Monthly Fee: R480.00
You Save: R657.50

Package: Julia Roberts
1 x photography session every month and
1 x makeover every month and
25% off entry to all Priscilla’s events that are charged at less than R150 and
5% off all other Priscilla’s services offered
Value: R1 150.00
Monthly Fee: R490.00
You Save: R660.00

Package: Sophia Loren
1 x locker per month for storage and
1 x photography session every month and
1 x makeover every month and
25% off entry to all Priscilla’s events that are charged at less than R150 and
7% off all other Priscilla’s services offered
Value: R1 500.00
Monthly Fee: R645.00
You Save: R855.00

Package: Marilyn Monroe
1 x locker per month for storage and
1 x photography session every month and
1 x makeover every month and
1 x shopping service every second month and
25% off entry to all Priscilla’s events that are charged at less than R150 and
10% off all other Priscilla’s services offered
Value: R1 875.00
Monthly Fee: R800.00
You Save: R1 075.00

Package: Grace Kelly
2 x lockers per month for storage and
2 x photography sessions every month and
1 x makeover every month and
1 x shopping service every month and
100% off entry to all Priscilla’s events that are charged at less than R150 and
12% off all other Priscilla’s services offered
Value: R3 850.00
Monthly Fee: R1 650.00
You Save: R2 200.00

Please check the pricing page on the website for more details.

Now that Irene is at your full disposal, it should be easier to arrange bookings. Especially once our venue is fully operational, but don’t let that stop you, we have contingency plans in place and can assist you with your needs at any time. On that note, we have received a lot of feedback at how excited everyone is about our service and that is wonderful, but now that Irene is full time at Priscilla’s Services, we really would appreciate a little more revenue (we have bills to pay), so please do not hesitate to make some bookings!

We value your support and want to help you in any way we can.

All the best,

Priscilla’s Services