Time to PARTY Like a Rock Star


Awesome news, The Gay Club is hosting a party on 24 June.
The party is a Queen of Hearts Drag Party and it looks like  it will be a lot of fun.

Obviously being en femme will be accepted and you will definitely not be the only one out and about en femme! The Priscilla’s team would be more than happy to help you prepare for this fabulous event in any way we can. Specifically, we can provide the following services should you need them:
Makeup: make yourself look your very best*
Shopping for the perfect outfit for the party (either as a professional service, or just to go with you and help you out)
Storage facilities for all those awesome clothes after the party
A venue to get ready at for the party
A place to stay when you get back (should you need it)
Clothing, wig and shoe hire (assuming you do not want to buy your own)
Fashion and other style related advice
Feel free to contact us if you have any queries, need help in addition to the services listed or if you want to book with us (please note all services must be booked in advance, we cannot guarantee availability without a booking).
Priscilla’s is not exactly next door to the Gay Club, but we are only 30 or so minutes away, so convenience is not much of an issue.

Here are all the details from the club’s Facebook event:
Follow us down the rabbit hole during the month of June …
The month of June is GAY WONDERLAND MONTH at The GAY Club SA!

Whether it’s your first time in Drag or you are a seasoned Queen, join us on Saturday 24 June and help us celebrate the Divine art of DRAG!!

Headlining DJS back by popular demand are The Prince & Charm to sizzle up the dance floor in glorious LGBT wonder

Doors open 8pm- 4am
Entry :
R25 between 8-9pm
R50 between 9-10pm
R60 after 10pm
Drag Queens free entry before 9pm

Dress Code: Dust off your cha-cha heels and join us in your best DRAG LOOK! This can include (but not limited to) Full drag, androgynous, drag king or any of the many other forms of DRAG!
*Please note dressing up is not a requirement , but it will be more fun to do hehe)

Take note : No under 18’s , ID’s upon request, no bad attitudes or hate speech ,will NOT be tolerated

The Gay Club can be found at the corner of Gibb & North Rand Roads, Boksburg (upstairs from Silverado’s Pub & Grill).

This looks like it is going to be a lot of fun and there will be a lot of gurls out and about. For those of you concerned about such things, please do nit be concerned by the word ‘gay’ in the title. You will be welcomed as a member of the LGBT community regardless of your sexual preference. Being a crossdresser/transgender means you will be accepted and you will certainly not be pressured into anything you do not want… The very worst that can happen is that nobody will offer to buy you a drink/hit on you all night! Kidding! Seriously, you will be welcomed and accepted and you will be free to be yourself. If you have any concerns please do not hesitate to contact us and we will happily talk you through what to expect. As to those of you who are looking for a little romantic action… Well until you get out there, you will never know!
I hope to see you all there!

*Please feel free to check out these links for some examples of Irene’s work.

May Newsletter

Well well well… Autumn is well and truly here. The leaves are turning their usual lovely shades of red, yellow, brown and yes, still some green. The temperature is dropping steadily and there is a decided chill in the air at night and in the early morning. Yet the days are as ever filled with sunshine. I am not looking forward to winter as I dislike the cold, but I suppose it is a good excuse to pull out those jerseys, boots and other woollies and try a whole new set of fashion ideas out.

As usual we would like to extend a very warm welcome to our new clients and of course say hello to all our existing clients. We hope that you are all as happy working with us as we are working with you.

We have had a very busy few months. March was a whirlwind of taking the studio from an empty shell to a warm, welcoming and pleasant place to be. April continued in that vein as we attended to minor details and dotted the T’s and crossed the I’s (well we do like to do things differently around here). Then of course there were all the holidays and associated activities to deal with, so April was busy but a lot of fun. We were of course also happy to welcome a few clients to the studio and do the odd makeover.

We have had a number of people stay over in the studio and we would like to remind all you out of towners that the studio is available for overnight stays as well as for daytime dressing. The rates are competitive and we offer a quiet discreet and accepting place where you can be yourself. We offer bed and breakfast and can assist you with places to eat out, or self catering solutions.

We continue to grow and we are hopeful of building a really vibrant community of people. Right now many of you are (understandably) quite nervous and not willing to take the risk of socialising. For those of you who are getting ready to find new friends, we are happy to say that we are working on some social ideas in the coming months. These include a number of different ideas including a cheese and wine evening in a retail store! The store will be closed for the evening and only invited guests will be allowed in. You can socialise, try on some spectacular clothes and generally have a blast. More details to follow…

Those of you who have booked, please do not forget our trip to Priscilla Queen of the Desert in May. Sadly we have had a few cancellations already, but the reviews for the show that I have seen have been very positive and I am sure we will have a fabulous time. We were at Monte Casino last week planning logistics and finding a place to meet. We will send details to those who have booked in a week or so.

As always please do not hesitate to contact us to book or to get additional information on any of our services.

Looking forward to hearing from you all soon.

The Priscilla’s Team


A Priscilla’s Makeover for Lola

Lola is one of our members who has taken advantage of one of our membership packages.
She recently came to Priscilla’s and made use of our venue for a day of dressing fun. She also availed herself of Irene’s exceptional makeup skills.
Lola has graciously agreed to allow us to share some of her fabulous pictures with you all.

There were a number of wardrobe changes and a mixture of photographs taken by Irene and a few self portraits…

I think we all agree that Lola looks beautiful!

The ‘blue period’:

Princess in khaki:


Remember, you too could feel this beautiful. All you need to do is contact us to make a booking. We provide the clothes, the makeup, the wigs, the shoes and the venue where you can transform into your true self.
Feel free to use the ‘services’ and ‘pricing’ drop down menus above for more details.

Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Irene at Work: Melissa

As noted previously, a number of our clients prefer to remain as discrete and private as possible. We totally understand and ‘get’ that. It does however make ‘advertising’ our service a bit tricky. Melissa came to one our social events last year and got her makeup done by Irene. She has very kindly agreed to share her pictures from that wintry night with us all. Doesn’t she look great?

Irene always does the kind of style and ‘look’ you want. I think Melissa looks lovely and naturally feminine here. A great look for her. Nothing over the top, nothing too extreme. Just a woman looking her best for an evening out.

If you are interested, you can always book a session and see just how amazing and beautiful a good makeover can make you feel!

Reminder Cocktails and Dresses

This is a reminder about the Cocktail Party on 22 October at Mantopia.
The venue opens at 7 pm but the party starts at 8 pm until late.
The venue is at 128 Richards Drive, Allendale Junction, Midrand.
We (Priscilla’s) will be available for makeup/makeovers and help with dressing, either at the venue (there are private rooms for you to dress in) or off site (allowing you to arrive at the club en femme)

Please note that this is at a closed club and it is by invitation only so there is no chance of bumping into anyone who is not themselves a crossdresser/transgender or the partner of a CD/TG person. This means your privacy and security are guaranteed.
This is therefore the perfect opportunity for the shyer members of our community to get out there and socialise with other people.

The entry fee of R250 gets you in and includes the snacks that will be on offer.
Use PS Mantopia to get a 10% discount.
You can pay at the door.
There is a cash bar and dancing may happen. Be warned!

Please feel free to check out the Facebook ‘event’ page that we have created. It would be good to RSVP there as well if you can (privacy etc notwithstanding).

Please remember to pre-book with us if you want to make use of makeup or other services so that we can plan ahead.

We have already received a number of bookings so please let us know if you want to come along and join in the fun.

Looking forward to seeing you all!

September/October Newsletter

Wow, where has the time gone? It seems September has flown by in a flash of blusher, lipstick, stilettos, lingerie and jewelry. I am very sorry, but it seems in the excitement I missed the September newsletter, so I have decided to combine the September and October newsletters in one.

As always I would like to thank all our clients for their ongoing support. Meeting with and making some real connections with you makes this endeavour so much more rewarding. I would also like to extend a hearty welcome to our new clients who continue to join us at a healthy rate. And of course to all of you who are on our mailing list, but who are not yet clients, thanks for your interest, I know it is just a matter of time before we will be seeing you.

I invite all of you all to let us know if there is anything we can do to help or improve: are we providing the services you need? What else can we do to help you? Is there anything we can do to improve? Is there anything we should stop doing? It is only through interacting with you that we can make sure we meet your needs and we welcome all feedback.

We had a very successful outing/get together in August. I was sorry to be unable to attend but I am assured everyone had a great time. You can read all about it here. Unfortunately, September has come and gone without a formal Priscilla’s event. We did try and get some people interested in attending Slut Walk 2016 with me but I think the lead time was a bit short for some of you also I fully realise that walking the streets of Greenside in a dress may not be everyone’s cup of tea, especially as there was quite a lot of press there (photographers, television crews etc) and it was the epitome of an ‘open’ event. Nonetheless, I was there with some friends and it was a good experience for me (more about that on my personal blog in the coming week or so).

The exciting news for October is that we are co-hosting an event with Mantopia! For those of you who do not know, Mantopia specialises in hosting parties for gay and bisexual men*. They want to reach out to the crossdresser/transgender community in Gauteng. They have identified the need for a regular and private social gathering place for our community. They have a fantastic venue in Midrand that is easily accessible and above all is private. That means that we can all socialise in perfect safety knowing that nobody other than other crossdressers/TG people will be there. The venue comes with a fully licensed cash bar as well as all the usual facilities (dance floor, DJ booth etc) needed for a great time. Additionally (and perhaps crucially for us) there are private rooms that will allow you to dress in peace and privacy. There are also showers on site if needed.

The first get together is a cocktail evening and will be taking place on 22 October from 8 pm until 3 am. The venue will open at 7 pm and Priscilla’s Services staff will be on hand to help you dress, do your makeup etc. Please note that booking for the event and for the dressing and makeup services is essential. Of course we can also help those who want to arrive at the club en femme by providing dressing and makeup services at our usual venue, but this will need to be done quite early in the evening to give us time to get to the venue by 7 pm.

We will also be happy to provide you with clothing, wigs and shoes for hire (size permitting) and we would also love to shop for you (seriously, we love shopping). Please do not hesitate to contact us for a quote or further information in this regard.

This event differs from our usual events in that it is being hosted together with Mantopia. Booking is thus necessary and there is a cover charge of R250 per person (this includes your snacks). The good news is that if you use the booking code ‘PS Mantopia’ you will get 10% off the price provided you book and pay before 15 October.

Although Mantopia usually operates for gay and bisexual men they realise that our community is a little different. Therefore all transgender people (crossdressers, transexuals, gender fluid, gender queer etc) and their partners are welcome to attend.

This is an ideal opportunity for those of you who are a little shy to get out and about and meet other people with similar interests. The venue is private and ‘closed’ we will be the only people on site therefore you will not bump into anyone you know unless they too are a crossdresser/transgender etc. Your privacy and safety is thus guaranteed. This is also a good opportunity for you to get out and about with your significant others and they will have an opportunity to meet other partners, spouses etc of crossdressers/transgender people. This is could be a wonderful opportunity for them to network, get some support and share experiences.

Oh and of course there will be music so bring your dancing shoes, your fabulous selves and have FUN!

In other news I can confirm that we will start work on our venue on 19 December and we are hopeful that it will be available from late January 2017. The venue will have a private entrance, a dressing room, a small kitchen and an en suite bathroom. Complimentary WiFi is provided and you will be able to dress and lounge around for a few hours or go out (either alone or accompanied by us) and have a  fabulous time. We will keep you updated on progress.

We have acquired some more storage space, but we are running out of space fast. If you are interested in storage I suggest that you book space with us soon to avoid disappointment.

We will be placing an overseas order for some specialist stock  in the next few weeks. Please let us know if you are interested in ordering anything as we would be very happy to assist you with high end breast forms, larger shoes, gaffes, corsets, lingerie and anything else you may want but cannot get in South Africa.

Looking forward to seeing you all on 22 October. Please remember to book!

*  Please note that whilst the usual Mantopia parties are ‘sexual’ in nature and whilst the venue is usually used as a swinger/lifestyle/BDSM party venue and is set up with such activities in mind this evening is primarily about us all just meeting up with fellow transgender people. It is not envisaged as a ‘hookup’ event and there is absolutely no expectation of that from anyone. It just so happens that this venue is perfect for our needs and the people running the venue ‘get’ what we are looking for, so please do not worry about that side of things. Of course what consenting adults decide to do in their own time is entirely up to them! 😉

Slut Walk

What: Slut Walk Johannesburg (anti rape and sexual assault awareness/protest)
When: Saturday 17 September 2016
Time: 10 am to 1 pm
Where: Pirates Sports Club Greenside
Why: Show solidarity, oppose sexual assault, raise awareness of transgender people
Bring: Donations (see graphic, below)