Halloween Fun and Games

So, Halloween is an excellent opportunity (excuse?) to dress up and get out and about. If you are recognised, well you are just having some innocent Halloween gender bending fun. If your presentation is a little ‘off’, well you are in dress up mode, so what?

With this in mind I am pleased to tell you about not one but two Halloween parties that are happening this Halloween.


On 31 October (Halloween itself), Amuse will be hosting a midweek Halloween party. Entrance is free and there will be a free bottle of whisky for the best dressed person at the party.


On Saturday 27 October, there will be a party at Trouble (aka Big Boss Diner). Like Amuse, entrance is free and there will be prizes for the best dressed. Hilton has also promised drinks specials throughout the night!

I honestly cannot guarantee that Irene and/or I will be at either of these events, we will do our very bets, but life has been hectic lately and I am not sure it will get any better in the short term, but we would encourage you all to get out if you can.

The last Halloween party I attended was a long time ago in 2015. I went to an event hosted by Lola Montez (when she was still doing events) and then I went to Trouble. Both were a lot of fun and it really helped me gain confidence in getting out on my own… I thought I would share a few pictures that may inspire you.

This is a fantastic opportunity to safely get out and about and also support those LGBT friendly institutions that give us a safe place to socialise. On that note it is always nice to meet like minded people, share some experiences and of course have a little bit of a party too!

Hope to see you all out in your amazing fabulousness.

Summary of the events:

Where: 34, 5th Street, Linden
When: 31 October
Time: Open from 3-30 pm, but the crowd usually gets going after 7-30 pm
Entrance: Free
Crowd: Diverse

Where: Corner Rabie and Republic, Randburg
When: 27 October
Time: From around 8 pm onwards
Entrance: Free
Crowd: Mostly LGBT peeps, but all welcome.






Slutwalk Johannesburg 2018

Some feedback on the Slutwalk outing and post walk lunch at Lucio’s… I sure had a fulfilling day out. I hope all the others who joined did as well. Hope to see more of you at our next event (watch out we are working on something Halloweeny) and also at next year’s Slutwalk!

I would also like to thank Lucio’s for their fantastic hospitality AND thank and acknowledge the bravery of all of you who came out in support of the day. I know it can be nerve wracking moving around amongst ‘normal’ people in a ‘vanilla’ setting when you are fully or partially en femme. You were all amazingly brave and I salute your courage and thank you for participating. For privacy reasons I won’t mention you all by name but feel free to comment and claim your kudos.

Hope to see you all again soon!

Daniella's Ramblings

We once again attended Slutwalk this year. This was my third walk and they do not get any easier. I find them emotionally charged events and I am often brought to tears as we walk through the streets of Johannesburg’s suburbs. And yet I do find the walk enjoyable. It is so good to feel part of a collective effort trying to do something about the scourge that is rape culture. I am in awe of then people who come forward and share their stories publicly. I am empowered in my daily life when I think of those who have so bravely reported their rapists and fought for justice to be done.

We got up relatively early for a Saturday morning and after a quick breakfast we started getting ready. Preparations were complicated by a series of interruptions including having to make and deliver a last minute breakfast order to…

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Slutwalk Reminder

Hi Everyone

This is a reminder that we will be doing our thing to protest rape culture, victim blaming, and slut shaming and thus promote consent and a positive attitude towards sex and sexuality next Saturday.

For those of you who do not know, Slutwalk was started in Toronto in 2011 in response to a police officer public stating that women needed to stop dressing like sluts if they wanted to avoid being raped. Since then the movement has spread throughout the world.

As a transgender woman, a parent of girls and a member of society I take this very seriously. I am also aware that transgender women are often hypersexualised by cisgender men and thus at a greater than average risk of sexual assault. Many men seem to think that women in general should be sexually available to them and some seem to think that transgender women are basically just in it for the sex and thus even more available to them: they seem to think that we are consenting to whatever they have in mind just because we are in a dress: heads up, ‘It’s a dress, not a yes!’ Transgender women run additional risks in that often sexual assaults (and even possibly consenting sexual encounters) seem to turn violent at an alarming rate. ‘Trans panic‘ is even considered a legitimate murder and assault defence in some parts of the world.


I therefore think that all people, but especially women and transgender women have a vested interest in promoting a culture of consent where unless consent is explicitly and freely given no sex can happen. Often behaviours, beliefs and societal norms are so ingrained that people are unaware of the toxic and dangerous nature of these behaviours, beliefs and norms. We need to expose people to alternative ways of thinking about things and let them realise the danger we run by allowing sexual assault to be normalised. Men have an important role to play here too. If they themselves are not the perpetrators of an assault, then they are certainly the father, the brother, the uncle, the friend or some other male relation to the perpetrator. When they fob things off as ‘locker room talk’, or manly banter they are complicit. Men also sometimes find themselves in societal situations where abuse is normalised. We need to educate and empower men to speak out.


I therefore believe Slutwalk is something we all, but perhaps especially the transgender community (in its broadest sense) should support.

After the (short) walk we are planning on going to Lucio’s Pizzeria in Blackheath for a spot of lunch. We would love it of as many of you as possible would join us. It is an opportunity to do a good thing, have a day out and about in a safe and accepting environment and then have lunch with some likeminded folks to meet new people, socialise and maybe get some support.

You can dress as you wish (just take a look at the weather forecast, it can be quite hot at this time of year, dress appropriately). It is a very safe environment in which some cisgender women feel safe enough to be topless and there are always a few transgender people around as well as cisgender men showing solidarity with woman by appearing in drag (which can be problematic, but I think we can give them a pass, because they are doing it for the right reasons, not to poke fun at anyone). So, dress as you wish, come and participate and have fun. Just make sure you have footwear that you can walk a kilometre or two in, stilettos may be a bit of a push…

The details:

Pirates Club
25 Braeside Road
From 10 am to 1 pm

Lucio’s Pizzeria
231 Beyers Naude Drive
From after we finish the walk until around 4 pm

Please note that we need some indication of numbers so, that Lucio’s can be sure that they can accommodate us, so please RSVP by no later than 4 pm on Thursday 27 September.


September Book Launch

Hi All

Just a reminder that this event is NEXT THURSDAY 13 September!!!

We will all be meeting at the book shop:

Love Books
Bamboo Centre,
53 Rustenburg Road,

At 6-30 PM

There will be a talk by the author and I am assured she will be talking about the TG/gender non-conforming character in the book.

Then we will all decamp to Amuse for some post intellectual decompressing.

Look forward to seeing you all there.

Please let me know if you are going to make it.


Time to get out and about. No Excuses!

Exciting news! We are planning not one but two outings in September. One midweek and one on a Saturday, so there are no excuses.

Firstly, time for something completely new. A book launch! Priscilla’s Services assisted an author (Maire Fisher) with ideas on how to represent a non-binary character in her new novel (The Enumerations) earlier this year. The book is being launched in Johannesburg in September and we have been invited to the book launch. We thought it would be a fun evening for you all to come with and as there is a transgender character (non-binary people fall on the transgender spectrum) the theme kind of works. Here are the details:
When: Thursday 13 September
Time: To be advised, probably around 6 pm or so
Where: Love Books The Bamboo Lifestyle Centre, 53 Rustenburg Road, Melville
Entrance is free but it would be a good idea to support the South African publishing industry, so why not buy a book, or two?

We know this is a little early but don’t despair, we can always go somewhere else for a meal, a drink and a natter afterwards. There are plenty of options in Melville or we are always welcome at Amuse.

We would love to see you there, whether you can come en femme or en homme or whatever…

Secondly, it is time for Slutwalk again. As usual we will be there to add our voices as a protest against sexual assault. It is absolutely a safe space for you to be. There are always a few gender non-conforming people around and your safety is assured. So please join us on the march. We then plan on going somewhere nice for lunch after the march. We haven’t quite decided where yet, but we are thinking of a pizzeria in Northcliff or perhaps a nice restaurant/cafe in Parkhurst or Linden. We are open to suggestions… So why not join us on the march, it would be fantastic to see you all, and then we can have a lovely lunch and a chat afterwards.
When: Saturday 29 September
Time: 10 am
Where:Pirates Sports Club, Greenside
Entrance is free but a donation towards rape survivors would be appreciated

Hope to see you at one, or both, of these fantastic opportunities to socialise. Please contact us should you need more information and please remember you are more than welcome to come dressed however you like.
Irene will be available to help you if required.



A Long Overdue Update

Hi Everyone

Apologies for the radio silence over the last few weeks. Unfortunately Daniella has been rather ill. She had been feeling under the weather for quite some time and then in mid May she finally took herself off to the doctor. Nothing conclusive was found and then after a day she took a turn for the worse. After relaying the worsening symptoms to the doctor over the phone he suggested a trip to casualty was in order.

On arrival a battery of tests were done and it was determined that her gall bladder was rather unwell and that a larger (18mm diameter) gall stone had taken up residence. So off to theater at 10 pm that night it was.

Unfortunately due to previous abdominal surgery, the usual key hole surgery could not be performed and instead a full laparotomy had to be performed. So much for the bikini modelling career then! Anyway, the operation went off well, the stone and gall bladder were removed and all seemed well at first.

It is all fun and games until someone gets a cut…

A day was spent in ICU, when things took a turn for the worse and it was determined that a second procedure was required to fix the ducts between the liver and the intestine. So back to theater we went. This procedure was fortunately performed by inserting a camera down her throat so no more unsightly wounds ensued.

Things started looking up and after a week in ICU, three days were spent in a general ward and Daniella came home on the Friday. Then on Saturday night she started feeling sick again. Back to hospital we went. It was determined that she had a partial obstruction in the small intestine (a complication we had been warmed about). Another week was spent in hospital, but fortunately the obstruction resolved itself without need for further surgery.

At this time Daniella was really very unwell and hardly ate at all. She lost a lot of weight and was very weak and lacking in energy. She has been home for a week now, but is still not fully recovered and gets tired quite quickly. She is also on a special diet for a few weeks to help ensure that no further relapses/complications occur.

We will sadly therefore not be able to host our planned outing in June or July. Firstly we simply have not had the time to plan this. Secondly, we don’t think it is a good idea for her health and finally she is probably not the best of company right now. However, we hope to make this up to you by doing something special in spring, or as soon as we are able. I hope that you all understand and are prepared to bear with us.

In happier news, we are pleased to announce that we have just launched a second venue. As some of you know, the studio was somewhat oversubscribed and we were sometimes unable to meet your needs leading to some frustration. We have therefore launched Priscilla’s Suite. This is a much bigger venue. It consists of a separate bedroom, a bathroom and an open plan living area, dining area and kitchen. It is fully appointed and is at the same specification levels that you have come to expect from us.

We hope that this additional venue will allow us to better meet your needs and lead to less frustration. We are also confident that it will offer an even better experience with more room, better options for selfies etc. As always, safe discrete and free parking as well as free Wi-Fi is on offer.

Please remember that the studio and the suite are available for use on an ad hoc basis should you wish to dress there for the day. W are also available for overnight stays and should you need additional anonymity you can even book with us through Booking.com or AirBnB. We are of curse available for all our usual services (storage, makeup, advice, transformations etc) and these services can either be purchasd on an ad hoc basis or through one of our ever popular packages that offer exceptional value for money.

Hope to see you soon and once again apologies for missing the mid year function. We hope you all understand.


The Priscilla’s Team


We Are Growing

Due to an ever increasing demand for our services, we have had to expand. Happily an existing space on pour property has become available and we are pleased to inform you that we in addition to the Priscilla’s Studio experience, we will soon be able to offer the Priscilla’s Suite experience.

Priscilla’s Suite will be a larger space for you to use if so desired. It will consist of an open plan living room and full kitchen area. The living room will have a television, sleeper couches and other creature comforts. The kitchen will be fully equipped with a stove, microwave, fridge, kettle coffee machine etc and this will give you many more options than we can currently offer you.
There will of course be a bedroom as well as a full bathroom.

The suite will offer plenty of space for you to use in any way you wish, and it will also accommodate more overnight guests than we can currently manage.

We are in the middle of renovating the space to ensure that it meets the same standards as you have come to expect from Priscilla’s Services.

We hope to have the space completed by the end of May and look forward to welcoming many more of you to make use of our extensive range of services, that have all been designed with you in mind.

In the meantime, Priscilla’s Studio remains fully operational and is unaffected by the renovations, so why not book a makeover, a transformation package or even a night or two with us and let all your dreams come true?

Don’t forget our May Madness Sale on accommodation. Book FOUR nights at the studio and you only pay for three! Feel free to contact us for more details, or to avoid disappointment simply book today!