Diary of a Locked-Down T-Girl 4

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Well, well, well… The lockdown continues. Things at work are starting to slow down. I want to get a few proposals out and we still have some admin to do but most of the really big stuff seems to be behind us so now we are kind of in a holding pattern.

This has meant I have been able to spend some time thinking about things, and attending to a social media backlog.

This has resulted in a TERRIBLE lapse of judgement. I have gone and entered a Glamour Girl Photo Competition. Why? It seemed a good idea at around midnight one night. Yes girls make sure that you GET YOUR SLEEP it stops you doing dumb stuff like entering Glamour Girl Photo Competitions.

There are probably also deep rooted issues at play, gender dysphoria, a need to express my identity that is currently being constrained, anxiety and a…

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