16 August: Mid-Week Outing Reprise

On Tuesday 16 August we hosted our second ever outing. After the success of our first midweek outing we decided that we should make these a monthly event. As the appointed day was a Tuesday, we again chose Amuse Cafe in Linden. Dirck and his team were as ever  very welcoming and his arrangements were perfect and spot-on.

Sadly, it seems that these events are doomed to have some kind of medical situation associated with them. Last month, one of our guests found herself in hospital after a motorbike accident, whilst this month it was my turn to be in hospital. This meant that I sadly missed all the fun, but I was able to keep up to speed with some regular reports from those that were able to attend. A big THANK YOU to all of you who braved the cold. I believe it was a fun evening.

We were pleased to offer some of our guests the use of our ‘temporary dressing facility’, where they had their makeup done for them by our very own talented (and now qualified) makeup artist, Irene. The feedback we have received is that our clients were very happy with the results. I can personally recommend her services, but of course I am a little biassed.

Thanks to Stef and Rebbeca for holding the fort and being their usual sparkling selves. (The heels were high and the skirts were short). Thanks also to L who came from far. We were very happy to welcome M and P, who were both out and about in public for the first time. Everyone looked fabulous and we hope you will all join us again soon.

It seems everyone had a lot of fun at Amuse and the planned quiz night did not happen, at least not for our group who had far more interesting things to discuss than answers to trivia! Sadly the evening was over all too soon, despite most of our 8 guests leaving after closing time (always a good sign). We would love to hear from you all with suggestions and thoughts so that we can better meet your needs and hopefully see a few more of you out there next time.

August Newsletter

Hi Everyone

Well, we are a little late this month aren’t we! So sorry for being so late with our monthly update but things have been a little challenging lately. Unfortunately I fell ill in early August and Irene has been keeping everything together in my absence. I am happy to say that all essential services were provided by Irene to everyone’s utmost satisfaction but sadly website updates, newsletters etc have all been put very much on the back burner. I am now well on my way to recovery and am sure normal service has all but returned. If anyone wants to know what was wrong there is a detailed report on my personal blog. But I warn you is not very exciting and kinda gross…

A hearty welcome to our new clients. I trust that all of you, new and existing clients, are happy with the service that you have received to date. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to improve or make things better for you. Please also feel free to ask any questions that you may have, whilst we do try and anticipate all your needs we are happy to engage with you around anything we may not have anticipated.
We held our second midweek outing on 16 August. Unfortunately I was unable to attend as I was sitting in hospital twiddling my thumbs, but by all accounts it was a fabulous night with most of the guests leaving after closing time (yes, I do keep an eye on you all even when I am not around). We will have a full review up on the website, in a few days time so please keep an eye out for that. We would of course love to hear from the people who were there and as always, we welcome any and all feedback.
Irene recently completed a makeup course and she is now a qualified (as well as highly experienced) makeup artist. She would be happy to share what she has learned with you and make you look even more fabulous in the process.

As I mentioned last time, we are working hard on getting a permanent, private venue for you all to dress in. We have decided that we need to make some structural changes to this venue and we have planned it and got quotes. It looks like we will be able to start work in early January 2017 and that it should be operational by February 2017.

In the meantime, the guest house nearby remains our best ‘stop gap’ solution. They are adequate and have very reasonable rates. We are happy to book this for you and assist you with all your dealings with them, to ensure your identity remains private if that is important to you. Rooms are small but mostly meet our needs and they are very flexible regarding check in times etc. They also offer a five hour rate which could work for some of you. Please be in touch for details.

Once again, thank you to all of you for your ongoing support. Please contact us should you need anything, we are happy to help wherever we can. We are happy to meet over a coffee anytime that suits you to find out what you may need.

Chelsea Manning’s First TimeOut and About

I just read Chelsea Manning’s first time out and about story.

I was struck how much easier it would have been fir ger had we been there for her…

But still, she did great. And you can too!

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