Midweek Outing Mk 2

Hi Everyone

After the success of our last crossdresser/transgender person outing we have decided to have a second midweek outing.
We have again gone for Amuse Cafe (34 5th Street, Linden, Johannesburg) as it is a very good, accepting and tolerant venue; it is close to our dressing venue; it is cosmopolitan and relatively central for most people.

The date chosen is Tuesday 16 August 2016 at 7 pm. I am not sure what Amuse has planned at this time but the company will be good, the drinks plentiful and a fun night out is assured.

As noted above we can book the dressing facility for you at a very competitive rate and we will be on hand to help make you look fabulous. Having said that, Amuse is a very cool venue and your ability to pass (or otherwise) is irrelevant to us, the staff and the other patrons. What matters is that you be your authentic self. Feel at ease and are able to express yourself freely. We at Priscilla’s, in conjunction with Amuse will make that happen!

Looking forward to seeing you all soon. Please contact us asap so we can secure your booking. Also please feel free to contact us should you want any more information.


Author: daniellaargento

I am just your average happily married and monogamous semi closeted male to female transgender person. I am very private and discreet, some may even say shy. My interests include international affairs,current affairs, history, economics, investments, physics, and literature My interest in biology is pretty much limited to sex. Fantasy and science fiction is most enjoyable as is Lee Child. I am a big fan of art house cinema. My musical tastes include punk, new age, heavy metal, classic rock, hard rock, reggae, ska, world music (particularly African contemporary), baroque, medieval, classical, romantic and some country. Opera is best avoided. I play air guitar to beginner level and the fool. I sing in tune at least once in an octave. I am broad minded I love to cook.

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