5 July: Our first outing

On Tuesday 5 July we had our first outing. We had had some people asking us if we did midweek evening outings as that was the only time they could get out and we were keen to try the concept. So we went ahead and made some plans.

It seemed that Tuesday was the most convenient day for all concerned and we selected Amuse Cafe in Linden as we wanted a safe and accepting venue where we could have a group of people that could be easily accommodated.  Dirck was very welcoming and his arrangements were perfect and spot-on.

Sadly one of our attendees had a bad motorcycle accent one week before the event and so she could not come. A number of other people canceled (which is to be expected) and the very cold weather certainly did not do us any favours. But despite all of this we still had a total attendance of eight people which we were very happy with.

Once again a big THANK YOU to all of you who braved the cold and came. Speaking for ourselves we had a lot of fun and it seems most of our guests did as well.

We were pleased to offer some of our guests the use of our ‘temporary dressing facility’. Whilst we are waiting for our permanent and dedicated venue to become available we have managed to find a local guest house to assist. The staff are accepting and professional as far as having a bunch of crossdressers/transgender people clicking through their guest house and we are confident you will feel safe and respected there until such time as our venue is up and running. The rooms are small, but adequate and above all clean. In fact the guest house is very new and thus everything feels very clean. The finishing is a bit rough and ready and it is not the most luxurious but it is adequate. The rates are also very competitive and we are sure you will all appreciate that.

After dressing we made our way to Amuse and waited for the rest of the guests to arrive. It was G’s first time out dressed and she did brilliantly. She looked fabulous and I was very impressed with her overall presentation. She looked like she had been going out and about for years.

At Amuse, I had a lively, impassioned and interesting discussion with Mike who is helping us with our web page (no, not this one, the new and improved version launching soon). Sadly he and his wife had to leave but we were soon joined by some others.

We had a lovely meal, the conversation flowed and I think we all learned something about each other and hopefully everyone felt welcomed and safe. I know I enjoyed myself immensely, especially meeting a few new people and getting some more insights.

Sadly the evening was over all too soon and we braved the cold as we left for home. We have discussed the evening and we are eager to do more such events. We would love to hear from you all with suggestions and thoughts so that we can better meet your needs and hopefully see a few more of you out there.

Sadly we forgot our camera at home (rookie error, I know) so we did not get any photographs… Next time. I promise!

Author: daniellaargento

I am just your average happily married and monogamous semi closeted male to female transgender person. I am very private and discreet, some may even say shy. My interests include international affairs,current affairs, history, economics, investments, physics, and literature My interest in biology is pretty much limited to sex. Fantasy and science fiction is most enjoyable as is Lee Child. I am a big fan of art house cinema. My musical tastes include punk, new age, heavy metal, classic rock, hard rock, reggae, ska, world music (particularly African contemporary), baroque, medieval, classical, romantic and some country. Opera is best avoided. I play air guitar to beginner level and the fool. I sing in tune at least once in an octave. I am broad minded I love to cook.

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