It Is Time To Be You

For far too long, far too many of Gauteng’s transgender people and crosssdressers have been unable to be who they were meant to be. Too few of us have the supportive structures that allow us to express our true selves and far too many of us who do want to express themselves end up having to visit dingy hotels to change or worse, expose themselves to grave danger whilst getting dressed in dark and isolated parking lots or other dangerous places.

Too many people are unable to share this essential and important part of their personality with their loved ones and they end up being repressed, unhappy and unfulfilled. The time has come to change all that. You can now have a discreet and safe environment in which to dress. You can then love being you in a safe, accepting and private establishment that is classy and comfortable, or if you like you can choose to venture out into the world and be your true self, either on your own or accompanied by our experienced and friendly staff.

Stop spending a fortune on inquisitive and impersonal hotels. Stop putting your reputation and safety at risk. Make sure that you can be yourself without damaging the important relationships in your life. Come to Priscilla’s and make use of our facility to keep your privacy.

Stop buying beautiful clothes, shoes, wigs and makeup and then purging because you have nowhere to keep your valuable wardrobe. We have storage facilities ready and waiting for you to use.

Whether you are a transexual person, desperate but unable to express yourself, a fetishist or just interested in exploring your feminine side; whether you are intensely private or loud and proud and whether you have your own clothes or not, we are here to help you. We are accepting, non-judgmental and care about your happiness. We have the solution to your needs.

Be safe. Have fun. Be you.


Author: daniellaargento

I am just your average happily married and monogamous semi closeted male to female transgender person. I am very private and discreet, some may even say shy. My interests include international affairs,current affairs, history, economics, investments, physics, and literature My interest in biology is pretty much limited to sex. Fantasy and science fiction is most enjoyable as is Lee Child. I am a big fan of art house cinema. My musical tastes include punk, new age, heavy metal, classic rock, hard rock, reggae, ska, world music (particularly African contemporary), baroque, medieval, classical, romantic and some country. Opera is best avoided. I play air guitar to beginner level and the fool. I sing in tune at least once in an octave. I am broad minded I love to cook.

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