Temporary Closure

Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have had to suspend operations until at least mid-March 2021. We hope to resume in full force after that date.


South Africa is currently dealing with the Covid-19 crisis. The South African government has imposed a lock-down of the country that has severely limited usual business operations as well as the movement of people.

We fully support the government’s efforts and have therefore temporarily suspended all Priscillas’ Services’ operations until such time as the lock-down is lifted.

We trust that you will bear with us at this difficult time and we urge you all to comply with government regulations as they deal with this serious threat to our society.

More information regarding Covid-19 and the government’s efforts to fight the virus can be found here on the official government Covid-19 web page

We wish you all good health and hope that we can stand together as we fight this virus. We look forward to seeing you all again when this is over.

Who We Are and What We Do

Priscilla’s Services caters to the needs of the transgender (in its broadest sense) and crossdresser communities in Gauteng (Johannesburg), South Africa.

Whether you are looking for a long term commitment or simply want to try something new as a once off bit of fun, without risk, we are here for you. We can store your clothing, provide you with an attractive, comfortable and well appointed private place to dress in a safe, accepting, discreet and customer focused environment. We also offer important ancillary services, such as shopping services, makeovers, transformations and stylistic advice. There us no need for you to commit to anything more than a few hours of exploring your true self.

We provide a safe and accepting place for you to explore and express your gender. Whether you are male to female, female to male, an experienced crossdresser or just starting out we are here to help you.

Priscilla’s is a well appointed, attractive, fashionable, safe and clean venue in the North Western suburbs of Johannesburg. It is just a short drive from the N1 motorway and as such is easily (and quickly) accessible from all parts of Gauteng. We offer day-time use of the facility as well as overnight stays for those in need of a place to rest a weary head.

Discretion is guaranteed. We understand your need for privacy. Priscilla’s Services management understands your concerns and needs and we are eager to help you to be you. We are caring, accepting and non-judgmental. No matter who or what you are, you will find a home away from home at Priscilla’s. Crossdressers, fetishists, trannies, trans* folk, non-binary, gender fluid, gender-queer, gay, straight, bi, lesbian, transbian… No matter how you label yourself we care for you as a person and will accept you for who you are.

Please feel free to browse the site for as much information as you want. The ‘blog’ section is always a good place to see what is new, what we are planning and what we have been up to. Please always feel free to contact us at anytime should you have any questions, queries or need other information that you cannot find here.